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Belgium Customs

Thank you for visiting our website, on this page we provide you with some basic information regarding Customs in Belgium, you can download a brochure for travellers and you find the information on how to contact our head offices or how to get in touch with one of our Customs Attachés abroad.

We also created a practical brochure with more information about Belgium Customs, you can dowload it here.

New European Portal: Customs security procedures in a few clicks

The European Commission has launched the first phase of a new web portal to help businesses to understand and follow the customs procedures for importing goods into and exporting goods from the EU. Designed as a single point of access to relevant and practical information, the portal includes animated scenarios to explain each step of the import, export and transit procedures. It also outlines the legal framework for such procedures, and includes information (such as policy information, databases and assistance services) taken from Commission and Member States’ customs websites. This first stage of the "European Customs Information Portal" (ECIP) focuses on the application of the Safety and Security Amendment to the Customs Code, which entered into force on 1 July 2009. The customs portal was developed together with Member States and the Trade Contact

Group, and will be further extended in the future to cover other areas and provide more in-depth information on customs procedures.
For further information:

New Safety and Security Amendment

On july 1, 2009, the new European Safety and Security Amendment will come in vigour, affecting all economic operators, and set new rules for import and export.

TAXUD has created a special section on their website to this amendment, read all about it here.

The Belgium customs Administration also put up a special site dedicated to the Multi Anual Strategic Plan (MASP) in English, you find it here.


For travellers, comming to Belgium, or another E.U memberstate, we created a brochure with all te information on import limitations, tax-free import allowances and other customs-related matters which you might find interesting.

Dowload the brochure here.


Belgian customs authorities’ representation abroad - customs

The General Administration of Customs and Excise (GAC&E) has an international
network of five customs attachés who are located at the Belgian embassies in the
5 BRICS countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

They represent the Belgian customs authorities at diplomatic services, government
administrations, businesses and private individuals in the country of their

How can the customs attachés be of service?

The customs attachés have an important economic function and can offer support
and useful information with regard to customs and excise regulations. Examples
are taxes due on import, import procedures, etc.

Together with their counterparts in their host countries, they participate in several
customs related projects such as projects to secure and facilitate trade. They are
in direct contact with the customs services in their host countries and have an
extensive network.

How can you contact the customs attachés?

You can contact the customs attachés directly via the contact details below. They
will do their very best to help you.

Brazil (Belgium - 3 hours winter / - 5 hours summer)

Mrs Isabelle BEDOYAN
Customs attaché - Adida Aduaneira
Embassy of Belgium - Embaixada da Bélgica
Avenida das Nações – Lote 32
Setor de Embaixadas Sul – QD 809
704220-900 Brasília - DF (Brasil)
Tel: +55 61 34431133
Cell: +55 61 98451654

South Africa (Belgium + 1 hour winter /
+ 0 hour summer)

Mr Stefan KESSEN
Customs Attaché
Embassy of Belgium
Hillcrest Forum Office Park
731 Jan Shoba street
Cnr. Lynnwood & Jan Shoba str.
0083 Hillcrest
Republic of South Africa
Tel: +27 61 428 2836 en
Cell : +32 4707 86162

India (Belgium + 4.5 hours winter / + 3.5 hours summer)

Customs Attaché
Embassy of Belgium
50-N Shantipath, Chanakyapuri
110021 New Delhi
Tel: +91 95 6079 4442
Cell IN: +91 95 6079 4442
Cell BE: +32 4707 63217

China, Hong Kong and Macau (Belgium + 7 hours
winter / + 6 hours summer)

Customs Attaché
Embassy of Belgium
6 San Li Tun Lu
Beijing 100600
Tel: +86 138 1004 8414 (NL, FR, EN) and
+86.138 1033 5495 (CN, EN, Assistente)
Fax: +86 10 8446 6707
E-mail: en

Russia and Belarus (Belgium + 2 hours winter /
+ 1 hour summer)

Customs Attaché
Embassy of Belgium
Ulitsa Malaya Molchanovka 7
121069 Moscow
Cell: +7 963 664 50 59

Economic operators, customs agencies, forwarders, business associations, other public services and individuals can contact the Customs Attachés directly for any information they might need.

Customs Attachés

Les attachés douaniers


Die Zollattachés

Important messeage for boat owners

The Belgian Customs services informs owners and users of private pleasure craft that under Belgian as well as under EU legislation the use of red diesel is strictly forbidden.


Below is a list of contactpoints where you can obtain further information.

Plaats E-mail Tel.
Douane en accijnzen Antwerpen

0257 607 51

Douane en accijnzen Brussel
0257 624 50
Douane en accijnzen Gent 0257 856 00
Douane en accijnzen Hasselt 0257 617 50
Douane en accijnzen Luik 0257 890 10
Douane en accijnzen Bergen 0257 879 70